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Hi there!

Here at Core by Design Clinical Pilates, we focus on creating a strong mind and body relationship to empower the individual.

Low back pain is extremely encumbering and is commonly due to decreased function, bad posture, or sedentary lifestyles. So many people fail to understand the mechanics and fascinating functionality of the human body.

Each individual has experienced some form of minor to extreme low back pain and has not had the correct tools to resolve the problem.

Many people don’t know why their lower back pain exists and even how or where to start looking for a resolution. Commonly there is a distinct loss of range of motion in the lower back region. Since our bodies work as a structured system, damage to one region will inhibit another negatively. Our bodies will work for us if we work for them. Treating an injury with invasive surgery or narcotic medication fights a body’s natural instinct to heal itself.

The foundation for movement is embedded into our skeletal muscle. We must develop and maintain it from the early stages of life to throughout the late stages of life. In between this time, people lose their functionality of their skeletal muscle and become sedentary or begin to practice improper mechanics leading to acute and chronic back, hip or knee pain.

The difference here at Core by Design Clinical Pilates is the integration of exercise and therapy. We provide the tools needed to encourage proper body mechanics to prevent injury.

This is a key factor that differentiates us from other physical therapy clinics that treat your body only after your injury. Regular Pilates businesses just focus on exercise which can miss key components of functionality and mobility that are strong essences of life. It encourages any individual to promote healthy, active, and fulfilled lives. Obtaining optimal health through flexibility, strength, and balance is our focus here at Core By Design Clinical Pilates.

We hope that you can see yourself here to start a new journey for a healthier, active,

and fulfilled life.

“Our bodies work for us, if we work for them!”

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