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Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!!! 

Really!! Not just National Cookie Day (that's later in the year...apparently!), BUT National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!!! Who knew??

So, we did pop out for breakfast this morning and my kids may have had a chocolate chip cookie each, to celebrate!! If not on this special day, then when??

So it got me thinking about the specificity of this day - like I said, not just all cookies, BUT only the chocolate chip cookies get this day!! And it made me think of a conversation I had this week; determining the specificity of needs for individuals. Let me share an example; at a GENERAL physical therapy clinic, ALL patients are treated with the same cookie-cutter treatment (see what I did there??). What that means is that if you see a GENERAL PT you WILL receive GENERAL treatment (I know - I've seen it!)!! It's not their fault - they are just the generalists and that's the only recipe they know - so that's what everyone gets! And it does work for some people - but not most...

In contrast, if you seek out a SPECIALIST PT, you WILL receive SPECIALIST, individualized, customized treatment, specific for your needs and essential for your FULL recovery.

Frustration around this subject is something we hear, "But, I've tried PT and it didn't work for me". What we uncover in these situations, is someone who has experienced GENERAL PT, and they didn't fit the cookie-cutter, one size fits all treatment they received there. These people need more SPECIALIZED treatment, oftentimes taking less time than the general exercises they were prescribed, and they start to feel better faster when they finally get on the right road to recovery!!

While there's nothing wrong with Chips Ahoy!! They fill a gap! BUT, if you really wanted the very best, there's a Neiman Marcus $250 chocolate chip cookie recipe that went viral!!! You can find the story behind it AND the recipe here. Happy baking!!

As always, we have a choice, and choices are good!! We just need to remember that all cookies (like PT clinics) are not created equal!!!

Yours in yumminess,


PS Feel free to forward this to someone who has been complaining about back pain and has been failed by other clinics - they WILL thank you!! You could also make them a batch of cookies - or maybe they'll make them for you to say thanks for thinking of them and getting them on the Healing Path!! Either way, it's a "Win, Win" situation!! 

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