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Men and Clinical Pilates

David Beckham, Kobe Bryant and Hugh Jackman can't be wrong!!! They all use Pilates as part of their workout routines.

Clinical Pilates engages the core, improves posture, strengths and lengthens the body, improves breathing and facilitates the mind body connection. Regular practice of Clinical Pilates will lead to a stronger core and consequently better sports performance or even the ability to get up from the floor if you should fall!

Mat Clinical Pilates is versatile enough to be able to be practiced in class, in the studio, in the gym or even at home, allowing consistent participation which is most beneficial.

Gordon describes how he discovered Clinical Pilates and how he is able to use it to stay mobile and active, including jogging, walking and gardening. He also explores why many men don't consider Clinical Pilates as a viable option to staying strong, flexible and healthy.

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