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Free tickets for tennis players!

I just want to let you know about a huge free online event called Tennis Summit 2022 that's coming up, and... I'm presenting at it! My friend Mehrban Iranshad from Tennis Files is hosting his sixth annual online tennis conference to help you level up your game, and it is going to be an amazing event! Last year over 12,000 tennis players attended the summit, and this year will be bigger and better than ever before! Over 40 world­ class coaches and experts will be there, too, including: Paul Annacone, Rick Macci, Gigi Fernandez, Louis Cayer, Jeff Salzenstein, Dr. Mark Kovacs, Ryan Reidy, Will Hamilton, Ian Westermann, Jorge Capestany, Peter Freeman, Emma Doyle, Dean Hollingworth, Scott Baxter, Larry Lauer, Edgar Giffenig, yours truly, and many more! These top-notch experts are going to reveal their proven secrets to help you take your tennis game to the next level and unlock your true tennis potential. And since I'm presenting, I got you a free ticket! Click the button below to get it:

Tennis Summit 2022 kicks off on April 18 and will run through April 23. This event is an incredible opportunity to learn strategy, technique, fitness, and the mental game from the best of the best. And normally it would cost you thousands of dollars to see all of these experts at live events, and hundreds of dollars for private lessons with them. But you can see all of them in one place for free – you don't have to leave your house, and you can definitely watch in your PJ's if you want! >>>> Grab your free ticket now! You'll be joined by 15,000+ tennis players just like you who are passionate about improving their game. If you’re ready to reach the next level in your tennis journey, then don’t miss this incredible online event. See you at the summit!

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