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You Can't Always Get Want You Want - But If You Try Pilates - You Might Get What You Need!!!

I have a really exciting event coming up tonight at the Rose Bowl and am eager to announce that I will be seeing the Rolling Stones here in Pasadena!

The last time that I had seen them live was years ago back with my parents and now I am very excited to be bringing my own children so that they will get to experience the Rolling Stones for themselves.

As I was confirming concert tickets, I discovered some really exciting information in regards to health, Pilates and Mick Jagger himself! Turns out, the infamous 76 year-old band member has expanded his workouts, honing his posture, balance, and flexibility by doing yoga and Pilates, as well as taking ballet lessons. He claims that these types of exercises have increased his stamina drastically, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

On top of that, Mick Jagger has completely changed his eating habits and only consumes a healthy, organic diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, and whole grains. Clearly his fast food and high-calorie cocktail days are over which has only positively impacted his health overall.

Doesn’t that give you more motivation to want to say you live the life of a rock star? We can all claim that we live a lifestyle like Mick Jagger just by incorporating Pilates into our weekly routines! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and if you are looking to live the good life like Mick Jagger, go ahead and contact us at QUADS Physical Therapy & Core By Design Clinical Pilates to get signed up for our Clinical Pilates Class.

We can’t get no satisfaction if we don’t see you signed up for our class.

Rock On!

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